The La Verne Land Conservancy has partnered with the City of La Verne for the past 10 years, acquiring and preserving over 400 acres of open space in the foothills above the City.  In 2013, we expanded our activities to also encourage and help support creative projects within the City – projects that demonstrated sound, sustainable environmental practices and strengthened our ties to the land and nature. Towards that end, LVLC requested the submittal of grant applications early in 2013.  Three winners were selected for funding:

1) Tranquility Square: A Butterfly Sanctuary:  The project idea was submitted by the staff of the Joan Macy School at the David & Margaret Youth and Family Services  facility in La Verne.  The goal of the project, which was funded by LVLC for $1,500.00, was to develop a butterfly sanctuary which would provide education and firsthand experience to the students,  increasing their understanding of the circle of life, along with their knowledge and understanding of science. Funds were used to purchase host plants, caterpillar larvae, a new drip water system, and educational materials.  The project is expected to be completed Spring 2014.

2) Xeriscape Demonstration Garden:  The project idea was submitted by the staff of Hillcrest in La Verne and was funded for a total of $511.83.  The goal of the project was to purchase signs needed to provide educational information to the residents about the plants used in the new xeriscape demonstration garden located near the front entrance to the facility.  The demonstration garden has been completed but Hillcrest is in the process of converting a large portion of the grounds to low water and xeriscape zones in place of lawns and other non-drought tolerant vegetation.

3) Ramona Middle School Gardening/Character Education Class: The project idea was submitted by Mr. Jeffrey Johnson, a teacher at Ramona Middle School in La Verne. The goal of the project, which was funded by LVLC for $300.00, was to provide a multifaceted learning program with gardening at the center.  The students involved in the project are taught and must practice interpersonal skills including respect, compromise, empathy, trust, active listening, and personal responsibility.  Students also learn about the benefits of organic gardening, water conservation , and the practice of interpersonal skills at a classroom level.  The garden was planted during the early part of 2014 and is expected to provide produce through the school year.

Additional information may be obtained by calling Kathy Winsor at (909) 223-1293.