Our Mission & History

Our Mission

The mission of the LVLC Land conservationis to sustain the rich, natural and cultural heritage of La Verne through the preservation of its remaining natural habitat and conservation of open space for compatible recreational uses.


Founded in 2002, the LVLC has worked on a number of land acquisition projects in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains that provide the beautiful backdrop to  La Verne and our neighboring communities of San Dimas and Claremont.

La Verne Online says, “The La Verne Land Conservancy was organized early in 2002 to preserve the city’s remaining open space. Unlike some environmental groups that protest, picket or camp out up in a tree, the purpose of the La Verne Land Conservancy is to buy land and restore it to a more natural condition. Conservancies like this one raise money to buy undeveloped land at market value or receive it through a donation. After that, they partner with the city or other organizations to maintain the land.”

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